Photo Styling Background is Back

Yes! A new website and new photo styling backgrounds! Photo Styling Background is back.

Exciting news this week

This week we went live with a brand new online store, new photo styling backgrounds and a great offer for all of our subscribers and followers.

We have expanded the range so that you can now choose from 80+ different photo styling posters. They are hand-painted with acrylic paint, after which they are photographed and printed on museum-grade thick matte paper that is made in Japan. The quality is even better than my previous posters. At the moment we are only able to offer the prints in the most popular 61 x 91 cm (or 24 x 36 inches) size but do get in touch with us if you need something specifically in a larger size.

We have made it easy for you to choose, the right photo background, separating them based on colors, mood, and desired expressions. With my work experience as a photographer and training as an art therapist, I have written out descriptions of the meaning and expression of the colors under each collection, making it easy for you to choose the perfect background for your work.

Free Delivery

You can now get free shipping on the purchase of a minimum of 3 photo styling posters. This is offered worldwide, whether you are in the United States, Europe or even as far as Australia.

A Promotion

To celebrate the occasion of our reopening, please use the promotion code RELAUNCH to get 30% off when purchasing a minimum of 2 photo styling posters.

Subscribe on Youtube

We also got a YouTube channel on which we share styling tips and inspiration to take better pictures. Check it out!

So what happened since we last were in touch?

Many things! In my last email to you I wrote that we were closing down. At the eleventh hour, I found a solution that made it possible for me to continue running Photo Styling Background as well as go traveling as I've always wanted!

For many years, my husband and I have had a dream of traveling around Europe in a van for a whole year. That dream is now slowly becoming a reality. We have sold our house and bought a van, which will be our home and my workplace throughout 2022.

I could not take all my photo posters with me on the trip, and therefore saw no option but to close the store down. Luckily, I got help from my son Richard and his friend Danny, who has offered to take care of all the practicalities around running the store, including printing and shipping posters.

So continues and grows stronger :-)

Superior prints available anywhere in the world

Richard and Danny found a fantastic printing service which works with professional print shops all over the world to help fulfill my orders. This means better quality printed posters (minimum of 300 dpi), and fast, efficient delivery worldwide.

A trip of inspiration

During my trip in Europe, I will of course, bring along my acrylic paints for whenever inspiration strikes. And I will continuously be painting new photo styling backgrounds which will be transformed into photo styling posters and ready to send around the world thanks to the help of my sons and their friend.

A journey of unique experiences

I also have meters of canvas with me on my trip around Europe. So you will still be able to get unique backgrounds made on canvas. While I cannot bring the large unique backgrounds with me, I have a new collection ready on my personal website for purchase.

That is all for now. I just wanted to share the good news with you and everyone who has written to me on how they will miss having photo styling backgrounds. Photo Styling Background is back everyone! Follow us on Instagram. We have some new content coming up for the festive season.

Happy Styling :-)

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