How To Take Better Photos With Styling Backgrounds

This being the first official blog post for Photo Styling Backgrounds, I'd say it’s very appropriate to illustrate the many useful applications for our photo background posters.

When publishing my latest book, I realized that I lacked good quality backgrounds for styling my photography. I searched all over the internet and couldn’t find any backgrounds that were good enough. So I went to my studio and painted all the backgrounds I needed. These were basically photo wallpapers on MDF boards and larger wallpapers on canvas.

Everyone who loves photography deserves a great background to make their photos look that much better. Not every photographer has access to multiple backgrounds and locations. And purchasing multiple wallpapers and canvases can get quite expensive. Therefore, having them available as high resolution printed posters seemed to be a winner! Suddenly a high quality, versatile background can be had for as little as $50 anywhere across the globe. In fact, there are so many benefits to having photo posters. See how the same poster can be used in several different ways and to get a completely different look

  • They are easy to work with as they are lightweight
  • They are easy to store and travel with
  • They can be wiped over with a damp cloth if any accidents occur
  • By placing them on a plate, it is easy to change background and they stay fine
  • They can be rolled down so you can photograph a subject with the same surface and background

Photo styling backgrounds can be used in many ways - straight up, from above or rolled down from the wall across the floor so that both the surface and background flow together in one. The photo styling background expression will also change in relation to the distance from the subject, aperture and image editing. There are really many opportunities to create your very own personal expression.

I would recommend that you get hold of an MDF board, they can be bought in any construction market, for under 50 kroner (about $8). In the picture with the apple, you can see how fine it looks when the poster is rolled down from the wall, such that the surface and background go together.

How often have you carried your subject around the house to find the right background? And it always ends up in front of a white wall - because that's what most of us have at home.

Just look at the top image, how dull and flat the white wallpaper looks, compared to a photo styling background with texture and different colors. With a photo styling background, you can stand where the light is best and forget about clutter and other distractions and create a clean and simple image.

Fotostyling baggrund

The posters are made as quality posters, with a matte surface that makes it possible to wipe over with a damp cloth if any accident occurs. If you spill some water on the poster, it is important that it is dried up quickly, as otherwise there will be a small new structure in the photo background ;-)

Should you be unlucky enough to drop the poster or otherwise end up giving it a small fold, do not despair - it gives you a backgroud with extra patina and personality.

All photo styling wallpapers are delivered in a reinforced cardboard box, which makes it easy to take out on tasks or on a trip.


Stay tuned, for lots of inspiration to come as well as advice on how to take better pictures - from me and also from a number of super talented artists and food styling photographers. See all photo backgrounds here.

Happy Styling <3

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