3 Ways You Can Use Photo Styling Backgrounds

Photo Styling Backgrounds in the form of matte posters are incredibly easy to use! Our backgrounds, being high resolution posters printed on Japanese museum-grade paper are flexible, versatile and portable.

They can easily be rolled up, unrolled or even gently folded as required to fit behind and/or below the subject that is being photographed. This allows for flexibility as the same photo background can be used to create differing effects depending on how the poster is used in the back.

Photo Styling Poster being rolled up

Different posters can also be juxtaposed to create a unique contrasting effect, which is a bit more tricky to do with a conventional board backdrop that you might otherwise use. Layer and juxtapose posters to get the look you require!

Different photo styling posters being juxtaposed by Susy Grundahl

It is also so much easier to carry around multiple backgrounds when in poster form. They can all be rolled up together in a single box or tube. Multiple board backdrops are difficult to carry outside the studio. During the change of seasons, I particularly enjoy taking the posters outdoors so I can capture some subjects in a more natural and organic setting.

It’s these advantages over boards that make using backgrounds in the form of posters a clear winner for me.

When photographing a subject, it is still helpful to use a board behind the subject. To do this, I purchased a simple MDF board at the local flea market for 40 kroner ($6). With a few bulldog or foldback clips taken from my stationery drawer, I am able to use all the photo styling posters as a solid board backdrop if I need to.

Photo Styling Poster being secured to board with a clip

There are many ways to use the photo styling posters and I am sure there are many creative methods that even I have not discovered. But I find three ways to use them that are the most common and helpful for beginner photographers.

Poster used as a surface (subject shot from above)

Photo Styling Poster being used as a surface

The subject can simply be shot from above, with the poster forming the base or surface for the subject. This is perhaps the most common use of the poster when doing food photography.

Poster used as a background (subject shot from the front)

Photo Styling Poster being used as a background

The subject is shot from the front and the poster is behind it, usually secured to a wooden board. This is more common with portrait and product photography but can also be used for food photography where you want to really present the three dimensional view of the subject.

Poster used as the surface and background (unrolling the poster)

Photo Styling Poster being used unrolled

This is quite a unique effect that these posters are great at producing. Simply place the subject on the poster and then unroll the poster behind the subject. The poster becomes the surface below the subject as well as the background in the shot, producing a continuous background effect that can look very impressive to the ordinary eye.

 3 different shots using photo styling posters

As you can see, each of these methods has produced a different expression and that's what makes these posters so versatile. Now imagine how many expressions you could make with multiple posters!

Happy Styling :)

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